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Wedding Series: Wedding Dress Shopping

Do you remember back in 2017 when Alfred Angelo went bankrupt and a ton of brides were left in the lurch!? That was our first bridal stop, and I really liked a dress there… thank goodness it didn’t work out. I felt so bad for all those brides! I did see that some other shops were donating dresses or helping out brides who were affected by the AA closing.

My bridesmaids (minus one who couldn’t make it) and my mom and I went wedding dress shopping during the summer of 2017. We started off with a Panera breakfast then hit up Alfred Angelo. Since this was our first stop, I didn’t want to just buy my favorite- I knew I could always come back. The dress below was one I would’ve come back to if I didn’t find another one elsewhere.

wedding dress shopping - trying on a Juliet-style dress
This was NOT the one!
wedding dress shopping - trying on a sleeveless dress
Not a huge fan of this one, either.
this dress was strapless with a gorgeous criss-cross pattern and tulle!
This was the almost-dress. Too bad I couldn’t have two dresses otherwise this would’ve been it, too.

Since we had eaten a later breakfast and it had only been a few hours, we opted for a Starbucks sit down before our last appointment.

Our second stop was a boutique bridal place (woman/designer owned). She made all the dresses on the rack and had beautiful options! The dress I went with (below) was customizable so I ended up doing a different back. This one had a ton of buttons and it wasn’t my favorite look. I did an open back but mostly same front! I spent $1,800 which included my alterations. It was such a steal for the quality and customization. I know alterations themselves can be super expensive.

the dress I chose - lacey and ornate
Not sure if you can tell, but my eyes were a little watery here!

I don’t remember everyone’s reactions about my runner up dress. (I think they all liked it a lot) But, I do remember that everyone absolutely loved this dress that I choose. I also talked to Chris after the wedding and showed him the other dress I liked a lot but he loved the dress I chose way more. One of the things I know he appreciated about it was how unique it was.

on my wedding day! The back of my dress
Here’s the back of the dress after my changes!

Ultimately, I went to two dress shops before choosing the one! I probably only tried on 10 dresses total. (I know that’s so rare) It was such a great day with my best friends and my mom. I don’t usually like when there’s a focus on me, but it’s definitely nice once in a while. Wedding dress shopping is such rite of passage and was a special day I’ll always remember.

If you haven’t gone dress shopping yet, I would recommend having an open mind and trying on a few different styles. (even if you generally know what you want) Have fun with it! Make sure to listen to your friends/family BUT choose the dress YOU feel the most beautiful in. It’s also recommended to take a pair of heels to try dresses in. (but I didn’t do that and I was fine!)

I also looked on Etsy and found some gorgeous dresses there, too. I definitely would’ve looked into it more if I didn’t find anything I loved at the stores I looked at. Supporting small businesses are important to me, but it’s also good to look at some box stores – especially if you’re trying to get an idea for what you might want. (or if you want the wedding dress shopping experience in person!)

How long did it take you to find your perfect dress? How many dresses did you end up trying on?

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