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Baby Research: Best Prenatal Vitamins

I decided to start a new series: Baby Research, because Chris and I would like to start a family within the next year or two. I want to do some research on different things and I’d love to share my findings with you!

First, I asked my doctor (who wasn’t my usual OBGYN) what I should look for in prenatal vitamins and she basically said any prenatal that has DHA is good. I was hoping for a little more than what she gave me, so I wanted to do more research.

What To Look For

After consulting with my friend (her and her husband do a ton of research themselves), this is the list they came up with for what vitamins to take and in what doses. She gave birth about a year ago. What I’m doing is looking for those vitamins and seeing the percentages of daily value on the labels, instead of going by her mcgs. (We are different weights/heights so %DV should be good for me!) This should be a perfect starting point for you too.

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In addition to that list, I saw that iodine and zinc should be in our diet too. I wasn’t worried about potassium gluconate being in the supplement.

It’s recommended to start prenatals 1-3 months before trying to get pregnant, and DHA 6 months prior. Make sure to write down the amount and what you’re taking to let your healthcare provider know. This is especially important to make sure you’re not overdosing. Here’s a good article that talks more about it.

When you combine supplements it increases your risk of overdosing, so I’m trying to find one that has most of everything I’m looking for!

Some sources I used: March of Dimes, Parents, American Pregnancy, and South Denver OBGYN.

Some things I noticed while researching:

  • It’s nearly impossible to get EVERYTHING you want in one package
  • Be sure to pay attention to the serving size- some are THREE capsules!
  • The most important thing is eating a well-balanced diet


Here are some recommendations from my friends/people I follow online:

I also checked some different lists of ‘best prental vitamins’ ‘best for 2020,’ etc. One-a-Day came up first or second from one article with doctor opinions, and some other articles too.

What I’m Choosing + Why

I’m going to go with the One-a-Day that has the combined DHA and prenatal pills. Out of the other ones I researched, this had everything I was looking for in the correct DV. (calcium and magnesium were a little light, but these are just supplements- I’ll have to keep an eye on getting enough of those)

Ultimately, supplements are just that- to supplement a great diet. As long as you’re making a good effort to eat healthy and include a wide range of fruits, veggies, proteins, etc. – you are making a great choice for you and your baby!

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What prenatal vitamins did you take? Would you recommend them?

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