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Our Favorite Grocery Items

Hear me out with this post! I’ve seen some bloggers do something similar, but not a roundup of their favorite grocery items – just mentioning one or two favorites. (usually on IG) I love to see what other people are buying, so I figured making an actual post would be perfect!

It’s just Chris and I as far as humans are concerned, so these are not tested on kids (but I’m sure they would love some of these products).

Amazing. We love that these are only made with around 9 ingredients and are minimally processed with no added sugar. They have fruits, nuts, and spices in them. My favorite (that I’ve tried so far) is the coconut creme pie. Chris loves the apple pie and lemon. I really want to try their cherry pie and key lime pie. (but there are so many others I want to try too- pineapple upside down cake!? What!?)

We love to put these on sandwiches to get them a little something extra! (specifically the original pickle chips – they are sweet with a bit of heat) These are great to eat as a snack too. They also have some different spreads and such but we haven’t had a chance to try those yet!

Earl Grey tea
Twinnings is our favorite so far. We’ve tried lots of different versions and some are honestly nasty compared to this one. We either like green tea or Earl Grey in the mornings, so we drink a ton! I think it’s a little healthier than coffee (but don’t get me wrong, I love my cup of joe too!). If you have another favorite brand of earl grey, let me know, please!

Rotisserie chicken
We usually buy ours from Publix, but I’m sure there are some at your local stores. I find this to be a major time saver when I’m feeling lazy or don’t want to deal with raw meat. It’s great for a stand-alone meal (with a side of veggies, mashed potatoes, whatever), but you can chop it up and add it to chicken salad sandwiches, salads, etc!

Steam-in-bag veggies
You can typically find these in the produce section fresh or the frozen section. I don’t always get these, but it’s so convenient to eat a little healthier when they take almost no time and effort to put as a side. I just add some spices to it and sometimes will fry them up after steaming to get them a little ‘crispier’ and less mushy.

Oikos triple zero greek yogurt
Back when we were working out regularly, these were a life saver. 15 g of protein, no added sugar, and no artificial sweeteners…. exactly what I like to look for! They are typically only 5 g of sugar so honestly not a ton. I would prefer that over the artificial stuff. I love that these come in so many flavors: coconut creme, cherry and salted caramel are our favorites.

True Lemon/Lime/Orange/Grapefruit
Can I tell you HOW much I love these? They are a game. changer. Easily our favorite grocery item. We add a few packets to our water. We drink so much more now. They are ONLY crystallized versions of the fruit’s juice. No other crap in them! We used to drink flavor enhancers with aspartame and that stuff is no bueno for you. We love and drink all four of these flavors (except Chris hates the grapefruit and it’s my FAVORITE).

Tru Fru chocolate cherries/raspberries
One of my favorite Influencers was raving about Tru Fru and it sounded right up my alley. It lives up to the hype! I do have to say that I love the cherries more than the raspberries but I am not picky when it comes to these! I haven’t tried the blueberries yet but that’s on my list! They are a great dessert or quick, sweet snack.

Baked chips (let’s be honest… I’m a fan of nearly any type of chip)
But these baked chips are my go-to lately! Specifically the baked cheetos, barbecue, sour cream and onion, and the cheddar cheese flavors. There is less fat in these than regular chips but I honestly just like their taste. I’m more concerned with limited sugar than I ever worry about fat.

Texas Toast
These are just so great when you want a quick addition to soup or Italian… or really, anything. I don’t tend to buy a lot of frozen stuff, but these are one of the things we get and love! They are the best 😉

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What are some of your favorite grocery items? Do you love any of the ones I mentioned?

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