a page from the scrapbook album for marlee's birthday gift

Birthday Scrapbook Album

This post was originally featured on my OG blog, but I’ve edited and added to it for reposting. Thinking about a gift for a 21st birthday is difficult. I didn’t have a lot of money at the time but I wanted something that would make a big impact: an art journal/scrapbook album combination. This was for my best friend Marlee.

I started working on it in late July 6 years ago, and it took a few months to complete. Naturally I had other things going on so it wasn’t a few months solely dedicated to this project. When I wrote the post originally, I had about 20 (front and back) pages done, but I printed 250+ photos. I didn’t use ALL of the photos, but I used many of them since some pages featured a few photos. I used heavy duty cardstock and I think I bound it together with a 3 hole punch and fabric to tie each hole together.

Here is a sneak peek of some of my favorite pages so far- I hope you enjoy! And I hope this gives you some inspiration to do something similar! Recreate this for a family member, friend, or significant other- I’m sure they’ll LOVE the details and time it took to make them something one-of-a-kind.

birthday scrapbook album page- two photos with text
an underwater picture with a quote and watercolor

I wasn’t featured in all the pictures… which makes sense since I’m not her whole life. I definitely wanted to sprinkle in our photos more than some of her other friends, but I really wanted this to feature some of her biggest milestones, moments, and friends/family until now.

outdoorsy pictures on a page for the scrapbook album

As you can tell, she is a badass and has done multiple bike tours across the county/other countries!

a series of photos strung together on a page for the scrapbook album
25+ photos on the page!

This one was a cool one to do- they were a bunch of silly pictures our other friend took of us at a restaurant. They are largely the same but we’re making different faces so it’s a neat flip-through. I used something similar to this.

old throwback middle school photo

We go back all the way to middle school. Here we are as leaving 8th graders at our ceremony… I remember how utterly awkward middle school was.

watercolor and quote
watercolor and quote

I added a bunch of quotes I think she would love and made them artsy. If I were to do another scrapbook today, I have many other resources to use, including things I can create online and print out. For this one, I mostly stuck to handwritten/hand created.

three photos on a simple page
downton abbey quote

I tried to make each page different- even the ones with photos. It was more difficult to do but I varied the number of pictures, the placement, the design around them, etc.

all of pi written out with two photos for the scrapbook album

I would LOVE to do something like this again as another gift. Maybe one for Chris or my parents. I think handmade gifts are often the best gifts to receive. I am making a mental note to include a handmade gift for everyone for Christmas. It’s a little over 4 months away- you can never start planning too early!

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Have you ever, or would you ever create a scrapbook album like this as a gift? Tell me or show me what yours looks like if you have!

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