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12 Easy Ways to Give Back

When I was thinking about items to put on my 101 in 1001 list, I knew I wanted to be able to give back. Volunteering was on my original list a few years ago, but it’s harder to make work then donating money or donating in other ways. That got me thinking about a site called freerice, which I’d heard about from a teacher in high school.

That got me thinking… it couldn’t be the only site that lets you donate so easily. So I got to searching, and I’ve compiled a list of twelve easy ways to give back!

Just By Clicking…

As you play Freerice and answer questions right, advertisements appear on your screen. When you see one of these advertisements, you trigger a financial payment to the World Food Programme (WFP) to support its work saving and changing lives around the world. If you have it installed, please make sure your adblock is off for this site.

Same premise as above, and it’s free, but you can also become a freekibble member for $5 a month. It will earn 20 pieces of kibble donated instead of the base 10 for each answer, and each month you’ll donate an additional 1,000 kibble, and vaccinate one shelter cat or dog.

This site links to a bunch of other sites that are doing something similar: each time you click, you are donating. They feature ways to help fund literacy, animals, breast cancer research, Alzheimer’s research, Autism research, hunger, Veteran’s, Diabetes research, and wildlife/rainforest preservation.

From an app/extension…

Tab for a Cause
I love this! You raise money for a charity each time you open a tab (once you’ve downloaded the extension). I open a TON of tabs daily, so this is perfect for me. Plus, you get a beautiful screen on your new tabs before you enter your new site!

If you have a dog and you take them on walks- this is the perfect way to give back! The site even says you can just take a walk without a dog and if you log it, it counts! Download the app and register each walk you take.

Charity Miles
Download the free app, create your account and choose the charity you wish to support. Then, choose an activity (like running, walking, biking) and log it through the app. For each mile you log, you help earn money from their corporate sponsorship pool. You can take it a step further by getting sponsored by friends, like you would in a race.

By shopping…

Amazon Smile
I’m not sure why this doesn’t get a lot of attention since Amazon is arguably the biggest online marketplace, but this is a way to have proceeds from Amazon purchases go toward a charity you choose. (as long as you are shopping under smile.amazon.com) Install the extension to make sure you’re always redirected to smile.amazon!

An average 3% of what you spend is donated to a cause you choose. You never pay more, and sometimes you’ll be able to find coupons for those purchases!

Donate to a cause or a school of your choice! You can earn by shopping locally, dining out, or booking a cruise (they have to be eScrip supported stores).

Other methods…

Sign petitions on causes that you care about – animal welfare, education, civil rights, etc. This will help the causes you want to fight for make it in front of lobbyists and lawmakers.

Bookmark the site and use it each time you want to search something. For every search, the website will award a portion of proceeds toward your charity of choice.

Giving Blood
So this is the least easy item on the list but it’s one of the most important. And, it’s still relatively easy! You can search to find blood donation sites near you. Most sites will give you some type of compensation for donating! Movie tickets, money, t-shirts, and more.

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What other ways have you given back? What is your favorite organization to give back to?

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