engagement photo shoot in field

Wedding Series: Engagement Photo Shoot

The engagement photo shoot is the third wedding series installment- check out the previous posts here!

engagement photo shoot - two people are dancing in a field with a woods background

We decided to do an engagement shoot so we could have pictures from this special time in our lives (sounds corny!) and use them for our save the dates. This was all me- Chris isn’t huge on photos but he was a good sport! We wanted to use the same photographer for both the engagement and wedding – Sydney Marie. This gave us a chance to meet her and get more comfortable with our pictures being taken before our wedding day.

engagement photo shoot - two lovers embracing with woods in the background

I chose our photographer pretty early on- I was scouring Instagram to see what photos I liked best and what editing style matched what we wanted. When I saw that Sydney was in our area, I knew I had to find out more information and see if she was available on our big day.

downward shot of two lovers holding hands as they're sitting together in a field

The location for the photo shoot was Weikwa Springs near Orlando, FL. We liked this spot because there were a few different ‘landscapes’- the actual springs, fields, and more woodsy areas. The springs didn’t match our shoot aesthetic, so we stuck with the fields/woods. We met for around an hour/hour and a half (4:30-6) to try to get some golden hour shots. Our photo shoot was done in March 2017.

our engagement photo shoot - close up of two people smiling

If I had any engagement photo shoot tips, they would be to do some research on your location. Choose a place of significance to you and your significant other or a place that goes with the theme of your wedding. We choose fields/woods because we liked the rustic vibe. Try and book your wedding photographer to shoot your engagement photos as well. For outfits, try to wear similar colors but don’t be too matchy. (unless that’s what you’re going for!) Let me know if you have specific questions and I’ll answer them!

two engaged people walking in a woodsy area

We choose a picture we both thought would be perfect on the save the dates and put it on a 4×6 magnet. I believe we used Basic Invite and used a coupon code from our photographer.

save the dates - wood background, two people who are engaged

Did you end up doing an engagement shoot? I’d love it if you shared a picture or two from your session in the comments!

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