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Our Seven Quick, Easy, Go-To Meals

You may already have some of these go-to meals in your rotation, but these are our regulars when we don’t know what to make or when we are relatively low on supplies. (or when I don’t want to put in a ton of effort)

Kielbasa with Green Peppers, Onions, and Rice
For just the two of us, we use one package of kielbasa, one onion and one green pepper, and a cup of rice. This usually gives us about two leftover meals, so about four servings. I love to cut the kielbasa super small and let them caramelize over medium heat until they are dark and crispy. Then I’ll remove them and add in the cut up peppers and onions to cook until they’re al dente. I have a rice cooker so the rice is finishing up as I am plating the other ingredients.

Pretty minimal effort and time. You probably have most of these ingredients handy. The kielbasa stays good for a while in the fridge so you can always have a pack ready for those lazy nights.

I use this recipe as a base, but I add other ingredients like mushrooms and ham. You can really customize this to your palate and it’s a great way to get veggies into the meal. Most of these are staple ingredients as well- eggs, half and half, veggies. Bacon and pie crusts can keep pretty decently in the fridge, so having those around will make it easy to whip this up.

I alway double this recipe so I can either freeze one (it reheats well!) or to make sure we have leftovers. Two quiches sound like they are a lot of food but they can easily be devoured in two days with only two people. To ensure you have enough to freeze, you could also quadruple the recipe (sounds extreme, but it’s not). Quiche is great for any meal, including breakfast. The prep time isn’t too long and baking time is about 35-45 minutes so you could always multi-task while it’s in the oven.

Quiche from Tastes Better from Scratch

We use this recipe and I add more vegetables- usually bell peppers, onions, and carrots along with the mushrooms and broccoli. You have to add veggies where you can! I do need to purchase a flour sifter though, I tend to get those small annoying chunks in the sauce. It’s not make-it-or-break-it, but it would definitely help.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches
I love making chicken salad sandwiches because I use rotisserie chicken. It makes it super fast to whip up a perfect lunch or dinner meal. We recently tried this recipe and I liked it a lot. I made one batch but split it up into two containers. (Chris doesn’t like nuts or fruit in his chicken salad)

My original chicken salad recipe uses a rotisserie chicken, a celery stalk (I don’t always include it- I’m not a fan of celery), a granny smith apple, and a handful of walnuts. Cut up the ingredients, throw them in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, then add mayo to the desired consistency… that’s it! This is the recipe I used for YEARS.

Honey Garlic Salmon
This is probably my favorite salmon recipe. It takes almost no time to prep and the flavor is amazing. The cook time is pretty fast as well. This goes really well with rice and veggies – a perfectly balanced, healthy meal ;). I wish that I was able to make more leftovers. However, since it’s fish, we really only buy/make enough to have a maximum of two servings. So I don’t love that it doesn’t have great leftover ability, but it’s still one of our favorite go-to meals.

Honey Garlic Salmon from Delish

Isn’t this on everyone’s go-to meals list? I definitely grew up with a ton of taco nights and I’m still a huge fan. My least favorite part is chopping up the fresh veggies for toppings, but I absolutely love taco nights. We don’t do anything fancy here. We either buy the prepackaged taco kits or just buy the seasoning and tortillas/shells separately. It’s healthier if you buy them separately because the shelf-life tends to be shorter.

We usually buy a pound of ground beef, can of refried beans, can of black beans, a large beefsteak tomato, a head of lettuce, a red onion, an avocado or two, shredded cheese, hard shell or tortillas, and sometimes sour cream and salsa.

Egg Salad Sandwiches
Another super simple lunch/dinner meal! I use this recipe– we have all the ingredients on hand 99% of the time. The only real effort comes in when you boil the eggs, but I bought the Dash egg cooker so it’s a BREEZE. It seems like an extravagance (probably), but the eggs come out perfect each time, you don’t have to worry about boiling water, straining, extra time wasted, etc. For $20, it is money well spent and I will use it forever!

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What are some of your go-to meals? I’m always looking for ideas 🙂

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