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Pinspiration: Homemade Dog Treats

Disclaimer: These homemade dog treats were made a few years ago when Chris and I were in our old apartment and we only had Shadow. (that’s why this post only refers to him!) The post has been edited/refreshed so I could still share it with you because I love this recipe. I want to make these again for both pups- and I’ve found a few other dog treat recipes for my pinspiration series that I’ll share soon, too. (pinspiration coming from something I saw on pinterest that inspired me and that I wanted to try and share)

This recipe is from Reluctant Entertainer and my dog loved it! I was able to find this right before Christmas, so I gave these out to my aunt and uncle for their puppies and they loved the idea. This would be such a great gift (buy an airtight glass container and add a bow!). They can re-use the container after all the treats have been devoured. 

a bowl, knife, peeler, measuring cup and carrots
a bowl, knife, peeler, measuring cup and apples

Although it’s a bit time consuming (prep + bake time), I think it’s worth it. The ingredients aren’t obscure and you know exactly what your dog is consuming. These ‘people food’ items are safe for dogs to eat, I just wouldn’t give more than one treat a day. (too much sugar isn’t good for dogs)

a bowl, measuring cup, and whole wheat flour and oats
measuring spoon, a bowl, brown sugar, whole wheat flour
oil, measuring cup, a bowl, and an egg

Since I didn’t create the recipe, I won’t be posting it on here. So make sure you grab it here. It’s only 8 ingredients and most of them you probably have sitting around. If you have kids, it’s a fun, easy way to engage them. Plus I’m sure they’d love to give their homemade treat to the dog(s) afterward! I know I feel great about giving these to my dog.

all the wet ingredients being mixed up
dry ingredients being added and mixed to the wet ingredients
tree and gingerbread man cookie cutters cutting into the treat mix
homemade dog treats stored in a bag

I stored mine in a plastic bag that I’ll just re-use the next time I bake these. Otherwise, any other container with a seal would be perfect to use, and I leave them on the counter- no refrigeration required. These should last 2-3 weeks because I give him no more than one treat a day. They don’t have an exact expiration, but I just keep an eye on them as time passes. 

a black dog licking a homemade dog treat

Shadow loved his treat! He always has to lick, sniff, and play with new treats for a minute or two before eating them. Isn’t it the best giving your dogs new toys or treats? I love how they investigate them and then (hopefully) enjoy.

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Have you homemade dog treats before? Which recipe(s) did you use? Please share! And if you make this one, I’d love to know how it turns out.

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