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40 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

Summer typically means school’s out and kids are probably around more than usual… which means that you may need a way to keep them (and maybe the whole family) busy! This first appeared on my original blog, but has been edited to include more tips + to fit better with the current pandemic! Here are some ideas to help beat summer boredom:

1. Have a picnic
In your backyard, at a park away from others, or even the playground!

2. Start a blog
There are tons of blogs/posts that help you get started with this, like this one.

3. Work on that DIY project you’ve been putting off (or anything you’ve been putting off)
Look through Pinterest to get started on something.

4. Go through your closet or home & get rid of things you don’t wear or don’t need
Double check places like your garage, basement, attic, spare rooms, etc. too!

5. Major summer cleaning (instead of spring cleaning)
Here’s an ultimate, printable checklist!

kitchen cleaner; ways to beat summer boredom
Photo by Daiga Ellaby

6. Catch up on a neglected show or start a new series
Start with my best entertainment lately post.

7. Have a party (invite some friends for a potluck or movie marathon)
Maybe keep this one to family only or a handful of friends who have been practicing social distancing

8. Take your dog to the dog park
Early mornings, evenings and weekends tend to be the busiest, so try for other times!

9. Relax with a book on the beach or outside a local coffee shop
Make sure you’re able to stay away from others (good for your health + also some peace and quiet!)

10. Try a new restaurant or a new shop- support local businesses
This could even mean doing it via take out!

Photo by Chris Liverani 

11. Pamper yourself at home with a facial, paint your nails, take a bath, etc.
Some ideas for a homemade facial, and my favorite way to do nails.

12. Try a new class (pottery, yoga, design course- anything!)
Check out some online classes for what you’re interested in.

13. Learn a new language (or practice one you’ve already attempted)
Apps like Duolingo, Pimsleur, or Memrise are good ones!

14. Do something especially nice for your significant other, friend or family member
Send them a care package, a handwritten letter, or take them out somewhere.

15. Bake some goodies for yourself/friends or spend some time in the kitchen cooking a really nice dinner
Chris and I are doing a make-your-own pizza date night soon!

pile of cookies
Photo by Katherine Sousa

16. Go to a drive-in movie theater (if they’re available in your area- if not, try a regular movie theater)
Drive-ins are so fun, and sometimes more comfortable than a regular theater!

17. Attend a local concert
There are a ton of online concerts- from the comfort of your home!

18. Splurge on tickets for a professional sports game
They are selling tickets to NFL games, and maybe other sports too.

19. Go ice skating
A cool activity for the whole family.

20. Start and finish a creative project (write a short story, paint, sew, etc)
Check out The 100 Day Project to really motivate you to start.

21. Look into theme parks or water parks (or even the local pool)
Some are starting to open up/will be open in the next few weeks.

22. Think about taking a weekend getaway somewhere relatively close
Staycations are where it’s at! This works especially well if you want to get into nature- it probably won’t be crowded.

23. Go wine tasting or tour a brewery
Or buy a few small bottles of different wine/beer and make it a unique date night in!

24. Be open-minded and watch some documentaries
Here’s a great list of movies/shows on Netflix about race/racism.

25. Make a list of things you’ve been neglecting to do (like clean out the gutters, get new prescription glasses, write thank you cards, etc.) & get them done over the new few weeks
Extra credit for setting a timer afterward and tackling one of the items!

to do list and calendar
Photo by STIL

26. Cultivate a garden
Look into growing some of the fruits/vegetables/herbs you love or use most often.

27. Take a walk through the park– either with a pet, a friend, or both
Take a quick break from daily life, being home, your significant other, etc.

28. Visit nature in a more extreme way: camping, hiking or backpacking
I would recommend bringing a battery-operated fan to make sleeping more enjoyable.

29. Anything on your bucket list? Do it now! Skydiving, parasailing, etc.
Take the first step + research some places that offer what you’re interested in.

30. Start exercising or train for a 5k (or bigger, if you’re already an avid runner)
Sign up for a mud run, color run, obstacle course, or something to make it more exciting!

a man running
Photo by Flo Karr

31. Volunteer your time once a week/a month
Choose your cause and fight for it.

32. Spend an entire day, no distractions, with your kids (or nephews/nieces, cousins, etc)- doing whatever they want to do
Getting ice cream, watching movies, playing board games, having their favorite meal – make it all about them.

33. Reach out to old friends or family members you haven’t spoken to in a while- snail mail, e-mail, phone call, text, etc.
Even if it’s brief, it’s always nice knowing someone is thinking of you!

34. Spend the entire day with your parents/caregivers (or one whole day dedicated to mom & one whole day dedicated to dad) and spend the day how they would love to
You can either plan it ahead of time as a surprise (visiting their favorite stores, restaurant, doing their favorite activity, etc) or spur of the moment with them leading the way.

35. Host a game night and ask friends to bring over a game or a small appetizer and customize your evening!
We like to have 5-7 people over and do a brunch (we have the games + make an item, and the others just bring one dish) – You could also do a murder mystery night or a theme, like wine and cheese (everyone brings a different cheese and wine)

poker game; ways to beat summer boredom
Photo by JT

36. Pick out a puzzle to complete by yourself or with your partner
It’s good to get away from electronics and concentrate on something else.

37. Choose a bad habit you currently have and work on breaking it over the summer
Make a plan – like replacing the bad habit with something better or breaking up how you’re going to rid the bad habit into steps.

38. Try something you wouldn’t ordinarily try (has your spouse/friend begged you to go to the gun range with them? Attend comic-con? Maybe try watching their favorite series?)
This is the perfect time to try something new and make someone happy!

39. Self-care. Do you love to shop and go to the spa? Do exactly what you love for a day. Read an entire book holed up by yourself, or if you love to spend the day with friends, pick an activity that allows for that
There’s nothing wrong with focusing on yourself for a full day.

40. Choose a hobby and become better at it
Blogging is a hobby that I am aiming to get better at… by practicing almost daily! Here’s a list of hobbies to get you started.

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I hope these ideas will help you beat summer boredom to stay sane and productive over the summer! Let me know which items you’re going to try or if you have any other suggestions!

Check out some of my review posts for board game ideas, movie/show and book recs!

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  1. These are fantastic ideas; great for overcoming summer lockdown boredom! I’ll be coming back to this list anytime I’m bored

    Roni |

  2. I have definitely been spending a LOT of time cleaning and reorganizing things. It’s actually been really fun! There’s some great stuff on here I might also give a go!

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