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Clean Beauty and Household Products

Since researching clean beauty products, I’ve become pretty strict – if I’m going to go clean, I might as well go hard. Researching super clean alternatives is so mentally draining (at least for me). It makes me sick to think that what I’ve been using for YEARS and YEARS is not the safest, to say the least. While you may want to do your own research, I think this is a great jumping off point. Or, you may not want to do the research and use my research to try out my recommendations.

My husband is a little weary of some of the toxicity claims because he comes from a very scientific background. So we looked together at the EWG website and clicked on some ingredients to look further at the studies they linked. He agrees that he’d rather us be safe than sorry (as long as we don’t go broke), but wanted to bring up valid points. (he loves to play devil’s advocate) Some of the studies, while valid, may not ultimately show harm in minuscule dosages or may not have studied the ingredients in the way they were intended to be used by humans. (ie. they might have studied a concentrated dosage directly on human skin, but in the product, it could be very diluted and used on the hair, therefore making it virtually harmless)

It’s important to note that while EWG’s list of brands/products is pretty impressive, it doesn’t have a lot of brands and products. For instance, I really want to try some Tula products, but they are not listed on the site. I could try to research some of their ingredients, though.

Part of what spurred this research is just learning about clean beauty and the different toxins that our daily products have. Chris and I are also thinking about starting a family in the near future, so I want to try to minimize the amount of harsh chemicals I’m putting on/in my body.

While building this list, I also wanted to try to be more environmentally friendly/conscious as well. While using plastic can sometimes be unavoidable, I tried to find bars, powders, etc. that don’t need to be held in plastic bottles. I also wanted to find a balance between not poisoning the environment/not poisoning me.

While writing, I tried to come up with a fairly all-encompassing list. I don’t really wear makeup, so that wasn’t a priority for me. (although I know most women do) I tried looking up some tinted lip balms or lipsticks that were super clean, but I couldn’t really find anything that wasn’t concerning to me. That’s probably something I could start wearing, but alas… no dice.

I loved reading about Molly’s Suds’ safe ingredients, process, and how they came about. Detergent isn’t something I thought about as having harsh chemicals, but I guess I need to be more vigilant.

molly's suds laundry powder (clean products)

I found two that I think are great options (so far- I haven’t tried them yet). One is a typical stick by Thinksport and the other is a paste by Purelygreat. I’m torn between the two because the paste seems like it may work better and it has charcoal which draws toxins from the body, but the stick is way less messy and also seems to work.

Shampoo Bar
This ArtNaturals brand was one of the best I’ve researched by far. I love that it’s a bar instead of a liquid in plastic- a little better for the environment.

Leave-in Hair Conditioner
This Safe Harbor product was the ONLY leave-in or regular conditioner I found that was super safe. The others I saw on the EWG skin deep website (even the verified ones) still had other ingredient concerns that were alarming to me.

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Facial Moisturizer
The Vermont Skincare moisturizer was another super tough find that had no other ingredient concerns. This is definitely one that I will be trying out, so I’ll probably do a future post on how these products stack up!

Ant Spray
This actually worked. We have had an ant problem in our house (mainly contained in the kitchen) almost since we’ve moved in. We tried pest control companies, ant traps, homemade ant traps… nothing worked. This spray seems to keep them at bay, and we haven’t had to use it often. I’m SUPER impressed.

aunt fannie's ant remedy (safe products)

There were two that were better than all the rest I’ve found. They weren’t up to my standard bar, but I don’t think I have a choice here but to lower it. California Baby sunscreen in a stick form- doesn’t get amazing reviews on Amazon because some say it’s difficult to use. The Honest Company has an expensive spray, but a lot of reviewers say the spraying mechanism stops working after a use or two. I’m not pleased with the sunscreen options overall! I’ll have to do more digging.

Body + Face Soap
So it seems that unscented is the best way to go as far as toxicity is concerned. Even controlling for same company, same soap, the thing that takes it from being super clean to concerning (but still pretty clean) is the fragrance… even with essential oils and natural fragrances. This is also a body and face soap made for babies… but you can use it too!

body and face bar

This category seems to be a little pricy as a whole, but I think they’ll probably last a long time. This one gets a good rating (you need to add water to form a paste), and so does this one (also add water). This one is about half the price of the other two and seems to get a decent review (as well as being strictly clean).

Lip Scrub
I’ve never before used a lip scrub, but I’m willing to try! My lips are always on the dry side and I hope this will help curb that. I think it would be pretty easy to make your own and save a few dollars, too.

Lip Balm
Honey Girl Organics has a great one- only 2 ingredients! Makes 3 Organics has one that is only 3 ingredients! If you’ve looked at other balms, they have a ton of ingredients! Even some of the cleaner brands don’t stack up against these two.

Body Lotion
Even a lot of the baby lotions I’ve found still had multiple concerning ingredients. The one I’ve linked seems to be the best I’ve found from Finally Pure. I don’t use lotion often, but I’ll be using this one when I need it!

baby lotion (safe products)

Overall, I’m sure there are products that aren’t the cleanest that we can get away with using, especially if we don’t use that product every day. It’s also important to note that not everyone can afford buying all these cleaner alternatives- some are super pricey. I think there’s a happy medium that can be had. And I believe that the beauty and product space should be more heavily regulated like other spaces are, and like these spaces are regulated in other countries.

What clean products have you tried before? Are there any on this list that you’d be willing to buy?

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