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Wedding Series: How He Proposed

I’m not sure about you, but I always love reading about other couples. More specifically, people in general (I guess that’s the wanna-be-psychologist in me). But I’m always excited to learn about couples and their history. That’s partially why I wanted to do a wedding series, to showcase Chris and I’s love story. (but with an emphasis on the wedding!)

An Introvert’s Dream

So this is the story of how he proposed: you might already be piecing together the fact that I am NOT an extroverted person. Chris knew that I wouldn’t want a scenario where there would be multiple onlookers, especially strangers. So he put together a low key, but brilliant proposal made especially for me.

I definitely felt that something was up leading to the day (a Saturday!). We had been dating for a few years, we were living together, and we had discussed marriage as a next step. *Woman’s intuition, amiright?!* It was actually the day after school let out for spring break, March 12. This happened to be my first year of teaching and IT.WAS.ROUGH. to say the least, so I was more than ready for this break.

Breakfast in Bed

I woke up Saturday morning and Chris told me he was going to make me breakfast in bed. (a first- so I knew something was up) After he whipped it up and brought it to make, he was super into my reaction: did I like it? Did I want him to get me anything else? And he was going on about how he wanted it to turn out a certain way but it didn’t come out exactly how he wanted… but I reassured him that I loved the gesture and it was amazing. The breakfast was french toast with powdered sugar on top and some bacon and fruit.

The Most Amazing Card

After the exquisite meal, he gave me a handmade card with a ton of writing inside. My love language is ‘words of affirmation,’ so I ate this up. Chris is not a wordy-affectionate type, and even less-so of a written word type, so this was a special moment. The apple he drew looked pretty great- he rarely draws so I hadn’t had a chance to see any of his artwork. (he’s great at everything, though, so I should’ve suspected)

proposal card

I don’t want to share everything he wrote, but he detailed how much I meant to him and why he wanted to spend his life with me (although he didn’t say those exact words). He hinted in the card things to come (along with the breakfast in bed): flowers, and one day a family.

The Actual Proposal

Well at that point I KNEW what this day was. He ended up pulling out my engagement ring and proposing to me in our apartment. I love that he did it here because it was our first place together and we have a ton of memories there. Plus, it was a private, intimate moment. He picked out the ring by himself and purchased it at the International Diamond Center. I ended up getting my wedding band there too!

I made a joke about flowers, and soon after, they were delivered to our door. Then, he encouraged me to get ready because we were going out with Shadow. Shadow was originally Chris’ dog before we got together. He only had him for about 3-5 months before we started dating, so I’ve always considered him our dog from the get-go. (and I never had a dog growing up, so he’s my first ♡)

The Last (and Best) Surprise

Every time I would see another dog, I would gush over them, and would make comments about Shadow needing a companion. My heart wanted more solo time with him, but it also wanted another rescue puppy to love. So, to fulfill the last card prophecy, he took us to an indoor/outdoor restaurant in downtown Tampa. There we were meeting up with a 9-month-old dog from a local rescue organization. Chris looked online for a dog that he thought could blend with our family. He found Mia (we re-named her Nara), and set up a meet to see how they would get along.

engagement ring and Nara

SHE WAS SO CUTE (and still is!). We took both of them over to a grassy spot and let them sniff each other and monitor their interaction. After their initial sniffs, they really just didn’t pay much attention to each other, so it seemed like they would get along well. Spoiler alert: they are best friends. They love to play and snuggle. Nara especially does not like to be without Shadow. I LOVE them together and I think it was the best choice for everyone!

Shadow and Nara in the back of the car

It really was one of the best days. Chris is an amazing person and I’m so glad we are navigating life together (with our two incredible rescues).

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