Accordion Style, Picture-Filled Handmade Card

Inspiration from this just came together in my head over a few days! (which can be pretty rare) I experimented with cutting and folding basic folders and eventually decided to put pictures inside rather than words. The handmade card stands up well because the folder is naturally pretty thick, so the pictures can be displayed wherever the recipient chooses! This one is currently on a display table in my parent’s house!

Since I went with a pictures theme, I knew the front of the card had to honor that, so I came up with the camera design. Like I shared in my other handmade card post, I am not a professional artist, which you can clearly see. However, my dad and I were still happy with the outcome – so don’t feel like you have to have incredible talent to pull this off!

Here’s a progression of the Father’s Day card I made a few years ago (first featured on my original blog):

father's day handmade card
accordion style handmade card with pictures

I had to trim a few centimeters off the bottom or top of a few of the pictures to get them to fit vertically, but the integrity of the photo wasn’t compromised. I used a glue stick to adhere the photos onto the folder. (Years later, this is still as good as new!)

regular black folder

I used a red folder, as seen throughout the post. However, I didn’t take a picture of it intact, so the black version is the example of the type of folder used for this card.

folder after it was cut - the basis of the handmade card

My ruler and pencil were the most helpful tools for this project. I used the ruler to help guide where I would cut off the uneven folder ends. (where you’d usually label what is inside the folder) This ensures the ends would look straight. It was only about an inch that I took off across the whole side of the folder.

After that, I folded the folder in half hot dog style and cut where I folded. (did anyone else learn that in grade school?! In other word, horizontally) It should look like the card above in size. You’ll be able to make 2 cards from one folder if done this way. You can also choose to make a larger card by not taking the easy way out (like I did) and by measuring what size you’d like with a ruler. I like folding it in half because I think it’s a good card size.

From here, I just folded in half again from one end to the middle (where the natural crease of the folder is) and then again on the other side to the middle crease. Now your folder should look exactly like the picture above! (: 

Pictures before they were cut

I went through my computer pictures and found an assortment from different vacations or just random family pictures that I thought my dad would enjoy. 

I actually ordered the pictures from PostalPix, which I loved, but they went out of business. You can choose to have them printed at your local drugstore, like Walgreens or CVS. There are also some online retailers similar to PostalPix, like Snapfish or MPix.

I chose the 2×2 grid and ended up with 36 pictures, which was more than I needed, but it doesn’t hurt to have some lying around. (: I haven’t looked too closely at the other retailers, but you may choose to put your pictures in a grid/collage from Fotor, save them, and have those printed in a larger size and just cut and paste the pictures like I did. Ideally you’d want the pictures to be 2 inches by 2 inches, like I have them. But, be creative! You might want some pictures to be larger and others smaller and paste it like a gallery wall.

After I cut them, I arranged them how I liked onto the accordion. You can fit 6 snugly or arrange them however you like to make room for words, drawings, etc.

Some pictures after they were glued onto the handmade card
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I’m so pleased with how this turned out! I’m also taking him to the movies and treating him to concessions (so naturally, I will be broke come Sunday). What are you doing for Father’s day? If you replicate this handmade card, I would LOVE to see yours!

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