must read professional development books: purposeful play, the fun teacher's tool kit, and a fresh look at phonics books

3 Must Read Teaching Books (+ A Summer Book Club!)

Teachers are such overachievers, am I right?! I know quite a few who are catching up on professional development classes and books over the summer. And I know a lot of us prep and plan for the upcoming year over our “two months off” as well. Check out these must read professional development books and join the discussion!

I focus a lot of my energy on the prep and planning portion, but I haven’t yet been big on the reading part. That will change this summer! My goal is to read three books (originally five, but that’s too much to implement faithfully). I hope you’ll join me! I’m doing a GoodReads Group where I’ll start the discussion threads on those Saturdays listed below. Go ahead and create a GoodReads account if you haven’t already (I LOVE tracking the books I’ve read and want to read on there!) and join the group. Add me as a friend if you’d like, too- I love seeing what everyone else is reading and loving! (and you can also see what I’m reading too)

I’m giving three weeks of reading time per book since I know some of us will be working over the summer (virtual summer school), may have second jobs, or have a full plate with kids or projects. Please feel free to join the discussion even after the date- I’d still love to respond to and hear everyone’s thoughts! You don’t have to read and join in on each book – you might want to pick just one or two.

Purposeful Play
This is best geared to the primary crowd (K-2), but I’ve seen reviews that every teacher needs to read this! Reviewers say it’s easy to read and has lots of great tips on lessons, suggestions for classroom setups, helpful tools and charts, curriculum connections, teaching points, and teaching language to help you foster mature play.
4.8 star rating on Amazon, and 4.45 rating on GoodReads.

If you’d like to join our GoodReads book discussion the night of, read this by 6/20/2020 (Saturday).

The Fun Teacher’s Tool Kit
One of my goals this year is to add more FUN into my teaching! I do think my students have a positive experience from being in my classroom. However, I still want to step it up and make it a place they undoubtedly want to be. According to the description, this book is adaptable for any subject and packed with ready-to-use activities, resources and ideas to bring smiles, energy & humor to the classroom.
4.4 star rating on Amazon, and 3.76 rating on GoodReads.

If you’d like to join our GoodReads book discussion the night of, read this by 7/11/2020 (Saturday).

A Fresh Look at Phonics
While this also may be best for K-2, phonics instruction happens at nearly every grade level as there are students who need more practice with foundational skills. In this text, the author explains the 7 ingredients of phonics instruction that lead to the greatest student gains, based on two decades of research in classrooms. Many reviewers raved about the great strategies shared in this book.
4.5 star rating on Amazon, and 4.38 rating on GoodReads.

If you’d like to join our GoodReads book discussion the night of, read this by 8/1/2020 (Saturday).

Which of these books are you most excited to read? Have you joined the GoodReads discussion group yet? Any other must read professional development books?

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