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Week in the Life: May 2020

This project was started by Ali Edwards and is a way to document a week of your life as it is right now. How timely is this project? I’ve done a week in the life a few times in the past and I love reminiscing on how daily life changes and what it looked like just a short time ago.

Typically, you would take notes of what happened each day, take pictures, and then create something physical with it. Lots of people choose to make scrapbooks or mini albums. I thought I would either write it in a blog post and include some pictures, or do a physical scrapbook but I did something in the middle- a digital spread. I used Fotor, with which I have a premium account that I pay for, so it gives me lots of choices. You could still do something similar with their free account, or use a program you’re comfortable with.

When I first did this week in the life project years ago, I wasn’t sure if I had anything noteworthy to document. I was just a college student- I didn’t have kids, a career, or anything seemingly interesting going on. But when I look back on that album, I LOVE reading about what was going on then. So if you have those same feelings, do this anyway! You won’t regret it.

I’ll share some major highlights from each day and the spread that I created along with it:

• Talked to Aunt Lorie on the phone, ordered everyone face masks
• Great Blue Bloods season 10 finale
• Eating pizza/Italian food while watching Holiday Baking Championship with Chris

week in the life - 7 image collage of my monday, yard, shows we watch, books I've read, top 3, working from home routine

• Admin bought us lunch (SO good!)
• Finished end of year paperwork
• Watching Dr. Pimple Popper with Chris in bed

week in the life - 9 image collage of my tuesday, hearts, grass, classroom, top 3, day at the school

• Survived all 3 zoom calls (retention/promotion, class, faculty)
• Ring Fit Adventure day 37
• Board Game Arena

week in the life - 5 image collage of my wednesday, playing board game arena, color street nails, top 3, the meals for the week

• LOTS of refinancing/money discussions with Chris
• Started watching Broadchurch (amazing!)
• Got one of our favorite Thai places for dinner

week in the life - 9 image collage of my thursday, my top 3, my two dogs, a selfie or Chris and I, mangoes, tv, piggy bank, virus graphics

• Call with our financial advisor
• Talked to mom and dad
• DQ’s frosted animal crackers blizzard (delicious)

week in the life - 11 image collage of my friday, the weekly temperature, sunflower, backyard image, earl grey tea

• Listening to music! (specifically the spotify 2000s hits playlist)
• Played with the pups (tug of war, and their puzzle treat games)
• Working on blog posts and scheduling social media

week in the life - 6 image collage of my saturday, my dogs, ring fit adventure, my schedule, old 2000s songs

• Talking to Marlee on the phone!
• A small accomplishment: buying groceries
• Put a lot of time into Duolingo (Japanese)

week in the life - 6 image collage of my sunday, groceries, what I'm loving, and my top 3

I don’t completely LOVE all of my spreads, but I do love many aspects of them. (maybe that’s how all artists feel about their work? Or how type 1s always feel- they could have done something better?)

Here’s what I learned from doing this: I have A LOT of time! Maybe because we’re staying at home 24/7 right now, or maybe it’s because we don’t have kids at the moment. (Parents always say “what did we do with all that time before kids!?”)

This proves to me now, more than ever, that the VAST majority of us have pockets of time to make whatever we want to happen, happen. I know there are cases where people are working nearly every waking minute or have multiple things/people to take care of. Besides those exceptions, we make time for what we want to do. My dad says he doesn’t have time to do xyz, but religiously watches tv at the end of each night. Maybe what he should be saying instead is “I don’t want to invest my energy into that right now,” or “it’s not a priority,” or “I’m too mentally drained after working that I need something easy to do, like watch tv.”

I just want to be the person telling you that you can do it! Again, if it’s actually something you want to do and you are not a special case like the above mentioned: find some pockets of time (even just a few minutes), and make some progress on your goals. I am also getting better with this. Doing a week in the life has really helped to see how much time I’m spending on scrolling social media or not doing something I love to do.

Part of my self-care journey has been realizing that I need to spend time on hobbies/passions. Starting this blog again has been one of the things I’ve been needing to do to help fuel me. Same goes for reading and finding a new way to play board games- all three things have been helping my mental health tremendously. Not spending so much time JUST watching tv and having diversity in the way that I spend time has also helped.

Part of my self-care journey has been realizing that I need to spend time on hobbies/passions. Click To Tweet

Have you ever done week in the life? What stood out to you? What did your spread/book/documenting look like- share your link in the comments below if it’s on your blog!

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